How it works

Diaspora Construction

5. The Building Process can commence

After the contract is finalised between the developer and you and between Realty Africa and you, the building process can commence.

In the contracts, the following details should be agreed:

  • The budget for building your house
  • The 4 phases of the construction and the budget for each phase (normally the phases are foundation, walls, roof and finishing)

The project can commence if:

  • You wired the money for the first phase to the Barclays accounts of Realty Africa in Botswana
  • You paid the fee of Realty Africa

Realty Africa will arrange that the developer registers on the platform and register your project as well so that updates can be posted. To perform the proper checks, Realty Africa will need:

  • A copy of your title deeds the contract between yourself and the developer
  • The building plans
  • The bill of material (list of materials and costs that are put together by the developer)