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Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunites of Realty Africa.

We are the first company offering you with accessible investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. These cards show projects that are currently part of our pipeline and show the state that these projects are in.

Realty Africa has developed an ECO System to bring you the trust and transparancy that you deserve. You can read more about our ECO System with the precausions that we take to protect your investment.

Before we can offer a project to you for investment, the project goes through a number of stages which is our Due Diligence and investment preparation process. When all stages are completed, the project will be made available. The current stage of the project is indicated on the card.

See Due Diligence for more detailed information on the Due Diligence process that is performed on each project.

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How It Works will show you how the platform works.