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Welcome to our Real Estate Marketplace.

Whether you are a landowner, an architect or plumber, realtor or electrician this is the place to market your service and connect with potential customers.  Come meet on our unique platform. The service is free and enables professionals from across Africa to network and find opportunities. 

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Realty Africa connect is the go-to place to connect all Real Estate professionals accross Africa.

You can register your land, promote your architect business or post pictures of your developments.

We have the:

  • Landbank; To show your land available for projects or sale
  • Developers; To show your past projects and specialties as a developer
  • Architects; To show your designs and specialties as an architect

This is the first beta version. We are adding more Real Estate roles and a lot of additional services in the near future.

The login is separate from our investment platform. 

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Realty Africa Connect

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Welcome to our Real Estate Marketplace.