FAQ Connect

What is Realty Africa Connect?

Realty Africa Connect is a unique platform that brings together professionals in the real estate space. For example, you might own land and looking for professionals to do something exciting with the land. For some people this can be quite challenging or for others they simply do not have the time and would rather have single place with they can see architects, developers, plumbers, electrician or construction workers. This is all possible in on this platform.


Who is Realty Africa Connect for and who qualifies?

Realty Africa Connect is for anyone that is offering real estate related professional services or landowners seeking those services to develope their property in Africa. Similarly, it is also for architects and developers looking to showcase their work and experience to attract the landowners for their services. The platform is gateway to service providers by making themselves known by the landowners who would have otherwise been unable or not having the means to find them.


Do I have to pay any fees?

No. Currently Realty Africa does not charge any fees and is offering the service on the Connect platform absolutely free.


How does it Work?

Signup on the Realty Africa Connect platform (not to be confused with the crowdfunding platform, one of our three main products). As a landowner, you can upload fotos of your land, GPS coordinates, google maps and description of the land for example if it’s easily accessible or near a place of interest.

As a real estate service professional such as architect, developer you can showcase past projects you have been involved with by adding fotos of the buildings, projects and descriptions.


Are the Architects, developers and other serivce providers vetted?

Currently architect and developers have not been vetted. Once a landowner has asked for the service of developer or architect they must conduct their own vetting to ensure they are whom they claim to be. Realty Africa Connect will not be liable for unscrupulous individuals on Connect.


What is a landbank?

A landbank is considered to be piece of land owned by an individual who has signed up on Realty Africa Connect platform and has posted this land in order to connect with architects or developers.


Can I crowdfund my development on Realty Africa Connect?

Yes. Once you have come to an agreement to develop a bankable project on your land and have met the criteria to fulfil the Realty Africa Crowdfunding platform, you may seek funding for your exciting project via crowdfunding. Getting funded in this way is not guaranteed. Further information can be found on our website.


Can I upload fotos of my land?

Yes, you can upload your fotos of land.


Can I upload developments I have previously worked on?

Yes, you can upload previous developments or architectural structures you have worked on.


Can I use the same username and password for Realty Africa Connect & the crowdfunding platform?

These are two separate platforms and you will have to sign up on both platforms and are currently not integrated.