The story of Realty Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is a fascinating area with a lot of history and culture. The co-founders of Realty Africa all have a history with this beautiful continent either by birth, relations or close friends. This is what us all binds together.

Traveling around the different countries, we found that there are so many opportunities for creation and growth. So many opportunities exists whose potential remain confined and un-noticed, but we want to make that positive difference and touch the lives of people and their communities with what we offer. We admire the continent for its an absolutely vibrant area with an eager young population that all want to shape  a future for themselves and the world around.

A serious problem is liquidity, money is scarce and very expensive and not always accessible. We found that access to funds was extremely challenging and when acquired was expensive. Its for these kind of reasons crowdfunding can play such an important role. Combined with the giving access to investments that are usually out of reach form most people from an investment perspective and allowing for the opportunity to develop for the land owners. Investments with impact on the local community by offering affordable housing, creating jobs or adding sustainable growth in the tourist or agri sector. 

The Co-Founders of Realty Africa developed a dream that led to the founding of the company. We pride ourselves as a multi-cultural team and drawing strengths from our different backgrounds and experience.