Brand Values of Realty Africa

We aim to take investment-based crowdfunding in Sub-Saharan Africa to the next level. We want to set the standard for investor protection and due diligence with our Realty Africa Eco system. Making a new asset class of secured investments Real Estate available to global investors on an interesting, aspiring and stimulating continent. 

We want to do this by believing in our core value and staying close to the people.


We believe that creativity is the cornerstone of successfully combining the interests of developers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the internantional investors community. Only by being creative we are able to change the boundaries and open up this beautifull continent for interesting, trustworthy and transparent investments. 


The creation of a community is very close to the culture in Africa. We take the creation of a community very seriously and believe in creating a community between local developers and local as well as international investors. Investors that believe in the potential and future  of Real Estate developments that benefit the current and future generations.

Financial Gain

Last but not least is the opportunity for financial gain. We believe in the creation of Win Win situation is which developers are assisted in their dream to create an income from their land and investors are rewarded by a good return which is in line with the risk that they are taking. Realty Africa is all about good projects which are rewarding and offer trust and transparancy for all parties involved.