Company Profile

Do you own a piece of land in Sub-Saharan Africa and want to create an income from this land? Or are you an investor looking for this additional yield while building Africa at the same time?

Maybe you have a piece of land and you have no clue or no money to get going? Perhaps you have a fully developed project and you only need funding to realize your dream? Possibly you are an investor and you are looking for a better return than your savings account or other traditional investments? Maybe you would like to invest in Sub-Saharan Africa and currently lack a way of entering this market or finding the right opportunities?

Instead you as a land owner would like to have a business partner to develop the land together. You are looking forward to having a partner that can help you with achieving your funding goals and market you at the same time. You as an investor would like to have place where you can be provided with informed investment opportunities. A place where you can make an investment and monitor your investments without a hassle.

To keep up with the fast-paced economy we live & work in, you need assistance in achieving your goals. Too many people wait too long before they take action. And the time to take action is now because as Rupert Murdoch said: “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore It will be the fast beating the slow.”

A partner in realizing your goals is fast becoming a must-have for organisations; people; employees; entrepreneurs; everyone. Not a nice-to-have! It's important that your choice of partner is the right one.

Someone who understands your needs and offers assistance that is right for YOU. That’s where Realty Africa comes in. Become a member and  we’ll piece together futures and it’ll be worth every penny!

Company Profile

Realty Africa is a property crowdfunding platform providing investors with informed investment opportunities in all aspects of property developments in Southern Africa. It will allow them access to markets that have historically been out of reach. Trust, transparency, clarity and a proper risk profile will ensure for decisive decisions on investments. On the property developer side, Realty Africa provides a platform where developers can showcase their plans and realize their dreams and aspirations. Furthermore, Realty Africa is heavily committed to social responsibility. We believe in property development also for those communities that are unable to tap into a revenue stream.

Our Company Mission Is…

To deliver the best property crowd funding resource in the world, systematically removing the barriers that currently prevent people from investing in property overseas. Our system creatively enables our customers to achieve measurable results and create financial freedom to live the life they love at the same time as giving back to the African community. It’s a win-win for investors, investments, developers, councils, governments and alike.    

Our Company Vision Is…

To change the perception of Africa outside of the continent by becoming THE go to place for property development, infrastructure and investment in Africa.