Diaspora Construction

  • Fantasising about building that dream house back home but wondering how you would do this from so far away?

  • You know where you want to live the moment you get the opportunity to move back home?

  • Or maybe you want a place of your own during the holiday season?

You may already be a land owner or have recently purchased land with the intention of building your home, then the difficult stage begins. How to handle the financing and management of the construction. How to make sure that your money is spent on the building of the house and that your house is progressing the way you envision.

This is where Realty Africa can serve you well. We have experience in handling your money securely and safely and keeping an eye on the progress of the build. We do this every day for our investors with projects we offer on the platform as well as projects we do outside the crowdfunding platform.

This is Your Opportunity to build Your Dream House Back Home

You can realise your Dream without any hassle or the need to bother any family or friends

Leave your name and number and you will get access to  the calculator. The calculator will show the options and the costs