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Diaspora Construction

What is Diaspora Construction?

Diaspora Construction is a service of Realty Africa. When you want to build a house back home in Sub-Saharan Africa, we can support your dream by assisting in the building process. See how it works for more information.

Does Diaspora Construction offer full project management over the building process?

We are not offering in principle to fully take over the responsibility of the project management from the developer that you choice to realise your dream house. Full project management will be more costly than our offering. However, we have good contacts with many local specialists and we can offer full project management on request. We would have to negotiate on the fee for this service.

Can a Diaspora member own land back home?

Currently any person can own land whether in the diaspora or not.

How can I check references on a developer?

A diaspora member would have to verify with locals on the builder’s references or to engage some legal practitioners to make some background checks on their behalf.

How can I best protect my interests?

The best way to ensure protection of diaspora’s rights would be to appoint a local representative who will engage with the developer on behalf of the diasporan. The Diaspora Construction offering aims to check on the building process while your property is being built. We will also take care of the payments to make sure that your money is only spend on the building and not on anything else.

What is most important when buying land?

When buying land, you must make sure that the Seller has the original Title Deed and has own personal identification particulars to enable an agreement of sale to be drawn. A deeds search is usually conducted to ascertain the legitimacy of the Title Deeds. This deeds search can be conducted by any established law firm and we are happy to point you to the law firms that we are working with.

What options do I have when buying the land?

Its entirely up to you whether you want to register title in your individual name, a company or a trust. It also depends on whether the property is to be acquired for investment purposes or some other purpose and the likelihood of exposure of either the individual or the company. These are the pertinent considerations that influence whether you register the property in his personal name or as company. If you want to make sure which is the best option, it is best to contact a local law firm.
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