Plan Development

Our clients are our number one priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get the best from their investment. We develop plans for the creation of a unique project which combines a European Design flair with African practicality. The plans include a concept for the setup of the buildings, the placement on the land and the layout of the surrounding area. 

Plan development starts with the existing piece of land and surrounding areas. Based on the analysis a limited number of concept area plans are developed which are inspired by similar developments in Europe and other places in the world. We aim to use the land to the best of its ability and maximise the value of what is possible.

The following steps are included in the plan development:

  • Analysis of the total project area and proposed plots for supporting facilities for the intended residential, commercial or multi use program
  • Preparation of the overall area concept
  • Preparation of the Masterplan and a conceptual building configuration (three scenarios)
  • Presentation Masterplan scenarios
  • On site visit including presentations, advisors- municipality- and client meetings.