60 developers sign up on Realty Africa platform

Realty Africa, a property crowd-funding platform providing investors with opportunities in all aspects of development in southern Africa, has registered more than 60 signed-up developers, businessdigest has learnt.

Realty Africa Zimbabwe goes live

Realty Africa Zimbabwe’s platform went live at the beginning of this month becoming the first crowd-funding entity to offer property crowd-funding in Africa, businessdigest has learnt.

Crowd-funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, usually through the internet.

Realty Africa Zimbabwe country representative Lindah Mbidzo told businessdigest this week that by going live, property developers could now apply on the platform.

Crowdfunding: cashing in on property investor and developer returns

It hasn’t made great strides into Africa yet, but some companies are taking tentative steps. Property crowdfunding, in which developers attempt to cash in on the potential of ‘the crowd’ to raise money for developments, is starting to attract global attention

First property crowdfunding platform for Sub-Saharan Africa

JOHANNEBURG - New platform Realty Africa will soon start offering small and big investors from all over the world the opportunity to invest in the growth and development of Sub-Saharan Africa. Through crowdfunding it intends to gather millions of dollars and euros each year for social housing, eco lodges, hotels, factories and other real estate projects.

[Interview] Patrick Chella, Co-Founder Realty Africa

Patrick Chella is Co-Founder of Realty Africa, a platform for property crowd funding for sound investment ideas in Africa. With fifteen years’ experience working in Private Equity, Hedge Fund Services and the Banking sector, eight of those years with NIBC Bank, The Netherlands, he founded Realty Africa as an innovative approach to property investment opportunities in Africa. 

Property Crowdfunding Comes To Botswana

Crowdfunding is a simple concept that is challenging traditional financing models and rising in popularity across the world. Though this model a project or company is financially supported by many individuals each contributing only a small percentage of the total funding required to get it off the ground.

Realty Africa is an equity crowdfunding platform specifically targeting property development projects in Southern Africa and led by entrepreneurs Patrich Chella from Zimbabwe and Erik van Eeten from the Netherlands. Boidus Focus spoke with Chella to gain more insight into the company which will be the first of its kind to become active in Botswana.

Realty Africa eye Zimbabwe infrastructure projects

REGIONAL property crowdfunding platform Realty Africa has lined up several local infrastructure projects to put online ahead of its launch in the country next month.

The company, which provides property development investment options to clients in Southern Africa, funds projects or ventures by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, usually through the internet.

“We have a broad range of property projects that are about to come online.” Realty Africa spokesman Carlos Chima told businessdigest on Tuesday “These include a student housing project, cluster home development projects in Chisipite and Greendale, and a tourism project in Victoria Falls”.